Become a volunteer – Be part of it

Without volunteers, major sporting events such as TeamGym 2014 would not be possible. They are vital factors to a successful event in many areas. We are looking for volunteers with different skillsets for different roles. If you are friendly, reliable and ready to have some fun while you are at it, you could be a person we need.

Want to join us ?

Candidates, who are over 16 years of age, can apply. It is possible for younger candidates to apply too, if they are organized within a larger group such as a club, with an older, responsible person. The organizers provide work equipment and food during working hours. Volunteers shall be responsible for their own travel expenses and accommodation costs. Some roles will need little or no experience while others may be better suited to people who have volunteered on previous events or have special skillsets. We are sure we can find a role that suits you, we need plenty of volunteers.


You will need to be available to work over the course of the week of the event and for some specific roles on the days leading up to the event as well. You don't need to be available for every day, just as much as is possible. Every volunteer will receive kit to wear. Full briefing will be provided to each volunteer for the role that is assigned to them.

Volunteer as a group?

Organizations, charities, clubs and companies are welcome to volunteer as a group, as team work is essential to some of the roles and duties that we need fulfilled.

Hard, fun and rewarding

If you are willing to help us make the European TeamGym Championships 2014 unforgettable. Its hard work, rewarding, fun and it’s worth it so if you're interested, fill out the application form and we will most certainly be in contact.