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The two best tumbling, trampet and floor performers ot the TeamGym 2014 event have been announced.

The award is given to the best male and female gymnast on each apparatus. This means that the athletes that have performed the most difficult series on tumbling and trampet, in any round, get the award. On floor the selection is based on the women´s, men´s and mixed teams having the highest execution scores. The Head Judges then nominated the best male and female performer from those team ot get the two best floor performers.

The six best individual performers of TeamGym 2014 are:

Idalie Lalandier from France on floor

Dimitri Petrowski from France on floor

Johanna Malmberg from Sweden on trampet

Jacob Melin from Sweden on trampet

Julia Meinl from Sweden on tumbling

Kristoffer G. J. Hayes from Denmark on tumbling

For the first time, in the history of TeamGym an AllStar team has been chosen, based on the performance of the athletes at the event.

The six best male and female gymnasts in tumbling and trampet get their spot in the team. The award is based on the number of successfully performed rounds, plus the difficulty of those rounds are counted.

The following gymnasts earned a spot in the 2014 TeamGym AllStar team.

Kristoffer G.J. Hayes, Danish men´s team

Niels Wendelboe Hedegaard, Danish men's team

Jacob Melin, Swedish men´s team

Morten Juul Sörensen, Danish jr. men's team

Lucas Bedin, Swedish men's team

Sondre Lokka Thorstein, Norwegian men´s jr. team

Hanna Meinl, Swedish women's team

Johanna Malmberg, Swedish women's team

Andrea Sif Pétursdóttir, Icelandic women's team

Sólveig Bergsdóttir, Icelandic women's team

Hema Gaur-Sharma, Great Britain´s womens team

Kolbrún Þöll Þorradóttir, Icelandic jr. women´s team

Denmark won the title in the senior mens today after a thrilling competition. Sweden came second and Norway took the third place.

Denmark got the total score of 66,500; Sweden got 65,700; Norway got 59,816; France got 49,683; Austria got 44,06 and Estonia 43,083.

The six teams that qualified for the senior mens competition were: Austria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Norway and Sweden. Denmark qualified first and the country has been the European Champion since 1998.

Denmark won all the finals except in the senior women competition. Truly amazing Championship for Denmark.

Sweden is the European champion in women’s Team Gymnastics, taking back the title from Iceland that came second today. Sweden got the gold by 0.684. Denmark got the third place.

Sweden also won the title in 2008, 2006 and 1996.

The six teams that competed in the finals for senior women were: Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Sweden got the total score of 60,150; Iceland got 59,466; Denmark got 53,566; Norway got 51,050; Finland got 50,900, Great Britain got the total score of 50,533.

Iceland was two times European champion. The country won in 2010 and in 2012. Sweden was second in 2012 and Finland third.

Iceland got the amazing score of 23,216 on floor. However, that was not enough to defend the title as Sweden had propably the perfect day, with almost no faults.

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