The Scandinavian giants

Denmark qualified first in the mens senior qualification competition this evening.

Six teams competed at the mens qualification today: Austria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Norway and Sweden. All six teams will compete in the finals next Saturday, 18 October.

Denmark got the fantastic total score of 65,56 in the qualification. Sweden came second with 61,683; Norway third with 54,750; France came fourth with 48,316; then Austria with 43,933 and Estonia with the total score of 39,550.

It is possible to state that the three Scandinavian giants stand out: The Danish, Swedish and the Norwegian teams. The Danish national mens-team is the reigning European champion since 2012. The Swedish team was second in 2012 and the Norwegian third.

Denmark also got the highest score in each discipline. Sweden followed closely, however a small error in the floor exercises affected their score.

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