The changes hopefully bring the event closer to the audience

Team Gymnastics is a pretty young sport and has is still developing. Even though the same three apparatus have been used since the beginning, some smaller things are changing. Some are pretty obvious, but others are not.

TeamGym media had a short talk with Hrund Þorgeirsdóttir, the Competition Director, to get some idea for what has changed since the TeamGym Euro in Denmark in 2012.

According to Hrund, there are mostly 2 things that will be new for the audience. For the first time, competitors will have numbers on their competition dress. This will make it easyer for the audience to follow the competition and hopefully will give more depth and understanding both for people at the stadium and home watching the TV. Also, for the first time, there will be an All Star team chosen after the event. This is something sport lovers all around the world know from major team sports like football and basketball.

Another thing that is new is that the numbers of competitors in each team have been decreased. Before there were 12 competitors and 2 substitutes. Now the number is 12 in total, substitutes included.

„Our experience is that most people that see this sport think it‘s amazing and don‘t understand why it‘s not more known. Hopefully these changes, make it even more appealing and help bring it closer to the audience“ says Hrund, before she attacks the next assignment in the preperation for the event.