The Best Individual Perfomers

The two best tumbling, trampet and floor performers ot the TeamGym 2014 event have been announced.

The award is given to the best male and female gymnast on each apparatus. This means that the athletes that have performed the most difficult series on tumbling and trampet, in any round, get the award. On floor the selection is based on the women´s, men´s and mixed teams having the highest execution scores. The Head Judges then nominated the best male and female performer from those team ot get the two best floor performers.

The six best individual performers of TeamGym 2014 are:

Idalie Lalandier from France on floor

Dimitri Petrowski from France on floor

Johanna Malmberg from Sweden on trampet

Jacob Melin from Sweden on trampet

Julia Meinl from Sweden on tumbling

Kristoffer G. J. Hayes from Denmark on tumbling