The First TeamGym AllStar Team

For the first time, in the history of TeamGym an AllStar team has been chosen, based on the performance of the athletes at the event.

The six best male and female gymnasts in tumbling and trampet get their spot in the team. The award is based on the number of successfully performed rounds, plus the difficulty of those rounds are counted.

The following gymnasts earned a spot in the 2014 TeamGym AllStar team.

Kristoffer G.J. Hayes, Danish men´s team

Niels Wendelboe Hedegaard, Danish men's team

Jacob Melin, Swedish men´s team

Morten Juul Sörensen, Danish jr. men's team

Lucas Bedin, Swedish men's team

Sondre Lokka Thorstein, Norwegian men´s jr. team

Hanna Meinl, Swedish women's team

Johanna Malmberg, Swedish women's team

Andrea Sif Pétursdóttir, Icelandic women's team

Sólveig Bergsdóttir, Icelandic women's team

Hema Gaur-Sharma, Great Britain´s womens team

Kolbrún Þöll Þorradóttir, Icelandic jr. women´s team