Sweden at the top - followed closely by Iceland

Sweden got the highest total score in the senior women’s qualification tonight, followed closely by Iceland and then Denmark. Now it is clear that the finals will be really exciting on Saturday.

The six best teams will compete in the finals next Saturday, 18 October. The teams are: Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Great Britain.

Sweden got total score of 56,733; Iceland got 56,450; Denmark got 52,933; Finland got 51,816, Norway got 48,550 and Great Britain got the total score of 48,050.

Iceland got the score of 22,100 in floor. But that was not enough as Sweden got the highest score in both tumbling, 18,550, and trampoline, 18,600.

The total of ten teams competed in the senior women’s qualification: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.

All the teams put on a great show tonight. Traditionally the Nordic countries have been strong in TeamGym and Iceland is the current champion since the European Championships in 2012. Sweden got the silver in 2012 and Finland got the bronze.

However, not only the Nordic countries that were doing well tonight. Great Britain did well, for example they got the score of 15,650 in tumbling.

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And remember the live stream of the competition on this website, www.teamgym2014.is