It takes a lot to make this possible

The biggest indoor sports hall in Iceland, the National stadium, seats little over 1.700 people. For an event of the size of the TeamGym 2014, this is not nearly enough. The solution comes from Great Britain in the form of portable stands. The stands come from the same company as the London 2012 Olympics and the Ryder Cup 2014 used. It took eight Brits and a number of helpful Icelanders 4 days to set up the stands.

But it was not just the stands that was the problem. It was also a matter of getting an indoor stadium, big enough to make all this possible. The athletics indoor stadium has been transformed in to a giant gymnastics hall, stands for 4.000 are now ready to receive people and what is left now is to set up the results table, the lights and the apparatus floor and then it's all set.

According to Arnar Ólafsson, the Chairman of the Icelandic National Gymnastics Association, everything will be ready for the big day on Wednesday. "Don't worry. It may look far from ready now, but it's actually the opposite. We have other things to worry about now." says Arnar and smiles.